Adding a Powered Parachute Rating


If you are a certificated pilot wanting to add a powered parachute rating, we can do that too.

You do not have to be current.

You do not have to have a current medical certificate.

You cannot have failed an aeronautical medical exam.

To add a category or class at the sport pilot level, two CFI’s are  needed per 61.321. The first one for a recommendation, the second one  for the proficiency check as follows.

CFI #1

  • Receive training on aeronautical knowledge and skill for the additional light-sport aircraft category and/or class.
  • Receive logbook endorsement from this authorized instructor to take proficiency check.
  • Get CFI recommendation on the FAA Form 8710-11 for proficiency check.

CFI #2

  • Successfully complete a proficiency check from an authorized  instructor other than the instructor who provided training and  recommendation. The proficiency check for an additional category/class  has all the same tasks in the Practical Test Standards (PTS) as the  initial pilot checkride. The difference is that it is performed by a CFI  rather than an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). DPE’s  can perform proficiency checks but they are acting as a flight instructor for the Proficiency check.
  • Receive a logbook endorsement from the instructor who conducted the proficiency check for the additional category and/or class. This  instructor will fill out the proficiency check area on the 8710-11 and send the form directly to the FAA Registry.  Additional category/class at the sport pilot level are not added to the  plastic pilot license/certificate. They are log book entries only.

Adding a category or class with a proficiency check counts as a flight review.