Gil taking off with the new elliptical wing.

Wow, watch it climb.

Gil landing at Bluegrass Field in Lexington.

The operations supervisor, Travis Crilly, said that this was the only time that a powered parachute had taken off or landed at the airport.

Alan landing on our runway.

Gil demonstrates an elliptical's crosswind capability.

Watch as the wing turns against the wind and flies straight.

Gil landing Christmas morning, 2011

This is at our good friend Ron Eldridge's runway in Nicholasville, KY.  Gil is landing and Mike Murphy is piloting the other ppc, though we don't get to see him land this time.

Mike Murphy landing right after I did.

You can see Mike flying behind me in the video before this one.

This is Mollie taking off.

She had warmed up the engine about 15 minutes earlier, but it had cooled down a bit by the time she was taking off.  That's why it stalled a few times.  She had a great take off.